We perform protein, metabolic and strain engineering and leverage high-throughput analytics and data science to convert sustainable sugars into high-value chemicals. From there, our robust economical fermentation and downstream processes enable us to scale production to commercial quantities.

Proprietary Protein Design

Convert sugars into high-value, industrial chemicals that target compounds where biological production is cost-advantaged over petrochemical production.

Metabolic Engineering

Incorporate the latest advances in high-throughput DNA sequencing and gene-editing technologies to rapidly fabricate and optimize microbes.

High-Throughput Fermentation

Combine computational modeling of microbial metabolism, specialized microbe engineering, screening technologies, and machine learning to accelerate and improve data analysis.

Innovative Processing

Leverage bio-derived feedstock, commercially proven, acid-tolerant yeasts and low-cost microbial fermentation technologies to generate high theoretical yields from sugar.


Employ high-throughput capabilities and repeatability to improve process design.

Scale-Up Technology

Evaluate new design processes, develop robust fermentation and downstream processes, demonstrate process scale-up to generate product samples, and deliver engineering design packages.

Strong Partnerships

Collaborate with industry leaders to efficiently create and enable the economic development of new programs.

Go-to-Market Capabilities

Enable low-cost, rapid technology scale-up.


We enable the commercialization of our products through B2B collaborations and also sell direct to customers through our health and wellness program.


We have developed a suite of high-throughput engineering technologies that enable us to prototype and optimize our microbes, enabling low-cost, rapid technology scaleup.