Lygos Announces Bio-DEM™ Product Qualified at Metric Ton Scale for Sirrus’ Chemilian™ and Forza™ Product Lines

Jul 8, 2019


Lygos driving to provide sustainable Bio-DEM product at 5-20 kta scale needed for projected new product growth

BERKELEY, Calif., July 8, 2019  Lygos, Inc., a full-stack producer of specialty chemicals that deliver high-value performance without the environmental toxicity, announced today that its Bio-DEM™ product has now been qualified at the metric ton scale for use in Sirrus’ proprietary synthesis technologies for its Chemilian™ and Forza™ product lines. Lygos delivered one ton of product that Sirrus qualified as compatible for use in its recently expanded continuous operating benchtop facility that enables customers to conduct line trials and further product qualification.

“Qualifying our product at this scale for these product lines provides Lygos the basis on which we will now advance to the next milestone of our goal to become the world’s leading supplier of sustainable DEM product,” said Eric Steen, PhD, CEO of Lygos. “With the current global market at about 60,000 metric tons, and product lines such as these creating new demand that could reach 20,000 metric tons in only a few years from launch per line, there is a compelling need for sustainable product.”

“We have worked with Lygos from the early days of its flagship Bio-DEM program,” said Jeff Uhrig, CEO of Sirrus. “We are delighted to be the first customer to have validated its sustainable DEM product at the metric ton scale in our bench scale facility. Now, as we work hard to develop a whole suite of new monomers and oligomers that will provide unique benefits to our customers, we are excited that Lygos met the challenge to produce at the metric ton level and is driving forward on its goal of being a leading supplier of biosustainable product.”

Lygos’ flagship product line includes sustainably produced malonic acid and its various mono- and di-esters, most notably esters such as Lygos’ Bio-DEM and Bio-DMM™ products. Lygos’ leading technology platform is based on a high-throughput combination of computational modeling, unique microbe engineering and screening, and machine learning. The technology is used with a proprietary acid-tolerant yeast and best-in-industry engineering cycle to produce bio-based solutions that deliver the performance benefits of petroleum-based industrial chemicals without environmental toxicity at competitive prices.

About Sirrus

Sirrus Inc. develops and supplies unique chemical building blocks for the next generation of high performance coatings, adhesives, sealants, and composites. Our patented technology focuses on methylene malonate monomers and oligomeric crosslinkers that can polymerize anionically at ambient temperatures. Sirrus works with development partners in the automotive, electronics, packaging and consumer goods industries to deliver sustainable products that will enhance energy efficiency, safety and performance. Sirrus Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Shokubai, a global chemical company and leading supplier of acrylates, specialty monomers, functional polymers, and catalysts. For more information, visit

About Lygos

Lygos has created a full-stack biological engineering platform focused on organic acid specialty chemicals and bio-monomers. Lygos’ sustainable, bio-based chemicals replace expensive, environmentally degrading alternatives from traditional industrial suppliers, enabling customers to create better, safer products with value-added performance. For more information, visit and follow us @LygosBiotech.

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