Management Team

Eric Steen
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Steen co-founded Lygos to create sustainable ingredients that solve environmental challenges.
Bryce Dille
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Dille brings nearly 20 years of corporate finance and investment banking experience.
Nicholas Ohler
Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Ohler leads the development and scale-up of Lygos’ fermentation-enabled production process.


Jay D. Keasling
Lygos Founder
Professor of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering at the University of California-Berkeley
Leonard Katz
Lygos Founder
President of the Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology
Richard Bailey
Industrial Biotechnology Consultant; Former CEO of Microbia, Inc.
Michael Cockrem
President of KiwiChem International, Inc.
Charles Cooney
Professor of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering; Technological Innovation Faculty Director at MIT
Jim Millis
Chief Technology Officer of Nature's Fynd; Former Chief Technology Officer at BioAmber, Inc.
Stephen del Cardayre
Vice President of Life Science Research & Development of Renewable Energy Group & LS9, Inc.