We are leveraging our expertise to produce common and rare cannabinoids at commercial scale.


We enable new formulations to replace toxic isocyanate chemistries used in high-performance coatings.

Consumer Electronics

We enable sustainable bio-based solutions to replace harmful manufacturing and packaging processes.

Consumer Products

We offer sustainable materials to improve performance properties for hundreds of applications and formulations.


We are producing cannabinoids as active cosmetic ingredients and other sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based products.

Impact-Absorbing Foams

We leverage our sustainable platform to enable novel routes to new polymers for high-performance and lightweight materials.

Industrial Materials

We offer solutions to improve performance properties in a range of crosslinked materials systems for foams, coatings, adhesives, and films.


We are developing advanced, sustainable solutions to replace single-use plastics and reduce the global waste and disposal burden.


We are developing sustainable, high-purity and novel compounds for innovative pharmaceutical and therapeutic applications.